Graphene provides astonishing features that make it a key element in the field of sports and toys: high flexibility, elasticity and increased hardness, lightness and weighing very little, the ability to self-repair and a positive chemical reaction with other substances.

A series of improved sporting and leisure goods are already on the market thanks to graphene:

  • More resistant and lighter tennis and badminton rackets made with a graphene composite.
  • Stiffer bicycle helmets that better allow the passage of air.
  • Much stronger and lighter bicycle frames.
  • Ski waxes that improve lubrication, the hydrophobic effect and the antistatic effect.

The possibilities are endless: intelligent fabrics that detect the heartbeat and dissipate body heat, antistatic and much more flexible footwear, intelligent sports flooring, much stronger and lighter gym appliances and accessories, stronger mountaineering equipment, safer toys (antibacterial and flame retardant) etc.

At The Box Graphene, we offer a whole range of graphene products with which to improve the strength, endurance and lightness of sports equipment or toys.

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