As in many other sectors, graphene has a broad range of applications in the textile sector. In the media, has more importance, for its spectacularity those who deal with the concept of wearable electronics, i.e. all those applications that turn clothes into an electronical device, such as a T-shirt heart rate monitot or glasses that are also a screen.

However, at The Graphene Box we have compiled a multitude of applications available that would improve existing products to many companies in the textile industry. Using graphene as a composite mixed with textile fibres, the following applications can be performed:

  • Antibacterial fabrics for use in operating rooms and as bandages.
  • Antistatic shoes.
  • Insect and rodents repellent clothes.
  • More strong and elastic fabrics.
  • Stain repellent fabrics.
  • Paints that maintain heat inside the home.
  • Antibacterial and odourless footwear.

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