Graphene, unlike other metals is transparent, photosensitive and flexible, so has a great potential as Key component in solar cells. Nowadays there are many prototypes of solar cells made from graphene that are almost ready to break into the market at low cost.

The graphene solar cells will reach a 10% of conversion efficiency, which means there is a new strong opponent in the market of solar cells. And furthermore, the graphene has an amazing advantage: it can be also used as a paint or coating with the same performance as a solar cell.

  • Solar panels: Thanks to our graphene coatings, the efficiency of solar panels and solar cells can be improved.
  • Heat dissipating coating: At The Graphene Box, we offer a coating to dissipate heat from LED bulbs. This effective heat dissipation results in an extension of the lifespan of the bulb.

The Graphene Box also offers a wide range of high quality graphene sheets on substrate for research and development of electronic applications such as OLED screens, rollable screens or photovoltaic sensors.

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