Graphene has enabled the mass production of a whole variety of high-performance polymers and rubbers. Plastics and rubber are used in a large variety of industries in which the durability is critical to the functionality of the application. Thanks to graphene, this durability has increased, making products and mechanical systems parts much more durable.

At The Graphene Box, we have rubber sheets and a series of Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, ABS, Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 66 Masterbatches in our online store that are improved with graphene so that in addition to durability, it provides the following characteristics:

  • Improvement of the mechanical and structural properties (stronger and lighter).
  • Increase the thermal conductivity and dimensional stability.
  • Increase the electrical conductivity.
  • Increase the electrical conductivity.
  • Reduction of the plastic mass as well as increase of resistance.
  • Increased resistance to impacts.
  • Scratch resistance and stain repellent.
  • Electromagnetic shield (prevents the passage of electromagnetic waves).'
  • Flame retardant with two effects: prevents the polymer from dripping when burning and creates intumescent layers.
  • Resistance to static electricity.

Furthermore, at The Graphene Box we know that the polymer and rubber sector is a huge and highly fragmented industry in different applications, so we also offer various types of graphene Nanoplatelets in our online store that, for be used as an additive to combine with lots of polymers and create a new and superior material with improved characteristics.

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