Paints and resins with graphene as a differentiating element are now being successfully marketed. At The Graphene Box, we know that graphene provides amazing characteristics to these paints and coatings:

  • Barrier effect: anti-oxidant, anti-scratch and anti UVA rays.
  • High resistance: they do not crack, are resistant to water and oily elements.
  • They provide electrical and thermal conductivity.

The possible applications for the sector are surprising in their diversity:

  • Solar paints, capable of absorbing solar energy and transmitting it into housing thanks to its formulation with Graphene Nanoplatelets.
  • Sealant paints which prevent the passage of electromagnetic waves.
  • Paints that keep heat inside the home.
  • Coatings that turn a normal wall into an interactive screen, although this is still under study; it is one of the most promising applications of graphene.
  • Scratch-resistant and antioxidant coatings that are used in all kinds of steel products and structures, but excels in ships, bridges and civil engineering of structures exposed to the sea.
  • Anti-fog coatings and UV ray blockers for windows.
  • Anti-bacterial coatings that facilitate the cleaning of kitchen cabinets and countertops.
  • Non-stick paints that improve the characteristics of Teflon.
  • High performance adhesives thanks to the high adhesion property.

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