Graphene has, among many others, three properties that can improve the products of numerous packaging companies: increased strength, barrier effect and conductivity. Containers and packaging have been manufactured which, thanks to their graphene composite, are extremely resistant and antibacterial. In addition, prototypes that are biodegradable, anti-theft and have intelligent sensor are being worked on.

At The Graphene Box we highlight the characteristics of graphene applicable to the containers and packaging industry.

  • Stronger, more flexible containers that are protected from UVA rays thanks to graphene composites in the form of Masterbatches (PE, PP, ABS, POM).
  • Intelligent containers that are sensitive to infra-red rays manufactured with inks, resins and conductive dispersions of graphene.
  • Completely waterproof and antibacterial containers, since the graphene forms an impermeable layer to any gas, substance or bacteria.

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