Graphene, for its very varied characteristics, offers diverse applications for the automotive sector. At The Graphene Box, we summarise the characteristics and applications of graphene for the automotive sector with the most commercial potential:

  • Additive to improve existing lubricants: thanks to the use of graphene in existing lubricants, it manages to reduce friction, provide better resistance and produce a cooling effect of the part exposed to friction.
  • Anti-corrosion coating: forms an extremely strong and resistant protective layer that isolates it from corrosion and rust and provides an anti-scratch effect.
  • Element to replace noxious additives that are currently used in lubricants.
  • Virtually unbreakable anti-fog windows.
  • Stronger, more resistant and lighter structures and chassis.
  • More resilient tyres which do not heat up and which better grip the asphalt.
  • More durable batteries which take less time to charge in hybrid or electric cars.
  • Stronger, more antibacterial interiors which are shielded from UVA rays.

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