Graphene is currently being used in many applications related to aerospace and defence, both civilian and military. There are a huge amount of features that suggest that graphene is the material capable of revolutionize the aerospace industry: the improvement of it or its conductivity suggests lighter, safer interiors, and indestructible wings.

In addition to the applications that are still under investigation, and for which The Graphene Box offers 'The Lab Series' products for research (graphene helmets with GPS and communications, graphene bulletproof vests, explosive detectors, etc.), there are a number of current applications made with products you can find in our online store:

  • Anti-fog crystals
  • Stronger and lighter materials with graphene composites are even able to replace steel in combination with epoxy
  • Anti-electric shock coating such as, for example, those caused by a lightning strike to the outside of aircrafts.
  • Fuel additive that increases efficiency with lower consumption and less pollution.

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