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Graphene is a two-dimensional material, carbon allotrope (an allotrope is a new molecular structure of a known element), a one atom thick layer in the shape of a honeycomb. Over one million stacked sheets of graphene would be necessary in order to achieve one millimeter thickness.
Graphene is an extremely useful material in a wide range of industries due to its amazing properties. It is an extremely strong, high electric conductor, more durable than steel and stainless steel, it is also very flexible and mouldable, to which effect research is currently being conducted and products are being manufactured in the field of aerospace (super fuels, lubricants and lighter and more lasting metal alloys), textiles, sports, automotive and transport (graphene polymer composites that increase the strength and lightness of plastic, wearable electronics, anti-scratch paint and more durable and flexible tires, among others), construction (stronger materials, more efficient solar panels, smart windows), medicine (nano-detectors that can detect early stage illnesses), energy (super batteries and super capacitors capable of charging within minutes and which can last for days) and electronics, (smaller and faster super processors, printable chips, rollable screens,...) among many other applications.
The Graphene Box exists so that graphene can be used by any educational and/or research centre at a low price and with high quality samples and so that any company, even those that do not have a department for R&D, can acquire graphene in the format most suitable to its application and simply use it to improve their production process.
Nowadays, Graphene can have a variety of shapes and sizes. At The Graphene Box we sell Graphene on substrates, powdered, dispersed in liquid, as polymer masterbatches, graphene inks, waxes and resins, among others.
The Graphene Box has been busy studying which Graphene shapes are best suited to each application, to which effect it has created two product lines: The Lab Series uses graphene shapes for research centres, R&D departments and educational centres and The Fab Series has graphene products, so that sports, toys, electronics, automotive, paints and varnish companies can improve its products.