The Graphene Box


With a team of over 45 people and four sales offices in three countries, The Graphene Box was created with the objective of making available to any company, research center or school the most miraculous material in Nanotechnology: graphene.

Our team has been working in the ICT field for over 10 years, providing services related to the latest technology companies. In these years of experience we have always chosen the best technology products for our customers, making us the leading partner at the time of providing this service.

At The Graphene Box we continue providing our know-how when it comes to selecting the best graphene products and formats through rigorous testing and quality control and at the best possible price to our customers who only have to worry about applying it to their projects.

As a specialized graphene marketing company, we want laboratories and schools to investigate with graphene and that companies manufacture incredible products based on the power of graphene, so our job is to:

  • Buy graphene in large quantities so that our customers do not have to
  • Test and quality control to ensure the quality of our customers’ graphene
  • Provide necessary knowledge and R & D through agreements with the best technological laboratories worldwide so our customers only have to worry about enhancing their products with graphene

Our mission, therefore, is to bring innovation to all companies, educational and research centers who, as us, bet on graphene as a differentiating element when it comes to providing added value and, like us, believe that constant innovation is the key to staying competitive.